Hiring a luxury coach

Hiring a luxury coach has numerous advantages. Whether you are planning a night out on the town, a sports tour or a trip to the theatre – this method of transport is easy and convenient. Make sure you aren’t running up a huge transport bill by reading these tips on how to keep coach hire costs down!

How to Keep Coach Hire Costs Down

  • Split costs : It may not be possible to get a group of employees to share the costs of a charter bus service (they will be expecting the company to cover the costs of the transport), but if you are arranging a bus for group travel, you can give everybody a cost estimate and ask them to contribute. If you are hiring a bus for a school sports team that cannot afford the costs, you could also ask parents to chip in or get the kids to arrange a fund raiser.
  • Opt for a cheaper package : Experienced charter services usually offer services with all the bells and whistles (such as on-board entertainment, platters, a licensed bar etc) but you don’t have to book these options. Ask the company for their most basic package and you will be able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary costs.
  • Avoid individual pick-ups: Get everyone to meet up at a central point, such as the office, school or somebody’s home where the luxury bus can pick you up together. If the bus driver needs to make a lot of stop-offs for individual people, you may be adding unnecessary kilometers to the bill.
  • Find out about bus charter discounts: The charter bus service may not advertise discounts on their website, but it’s worth the effort to give them a call and find out. They may offer a discount if you are transporting pensioners, travelling during the week, hiring a number of busses etc.

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